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Let’s Invent Daft Sports 29 April 2006

Posted by Basilios in Fun.

How about a nice game of Broom Cycle Hockey? It's similar to Hockey, but played on bikes and with brooms in place of hockey sticks. Of course you can't play it on ice, so how about a nice concrete courtyard instead? I actually tried to play this with my younger sister when we were little kids – then she fell off the bicycle and scratched her legs.

Or maybe you prefer Pillow Volleyball? In this game you play volleyball with a pillow nicked from your mum's sofa. At least you can't get hurt with this one.

If you can make up any daft sports, post them here!



1. John - 3 May 2006

How about staircase badminton? String a net halfway up the stairs. Chopstick fencing – I tried this with Christine at Jake’s that time.
Bus racing – with 11.1 litres of diesel engine, surely you could tune them to go quite fast.
Three-legged badminton – like doubles, only with a twist.

I have actually played kitchen cricket many years ago. You need a spatula and a table tennis ball.

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