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My Music Reviews 1 May 2006

Posted by Basilios in Music Reviews.

Those that know me know that I like music very much, and those that know me a bit better know that I need lots of practice for writing. Those that know me even better (hallo, John!) know that I should put some content on this blog of mine, or what’s the point of having one?

So I thought, What could be better than writing about music? And that’s what I’m going to try: publish small reviews of music albums that I listened to and concerts that I went to. Hopefully it will help me improve my writing. Comments are of course gladly accepted, as long as they’re civil and make a point – U SUK LOLZ is not going to impress me too much, okay?

A word about marking: out of a completely capricious whim, I decided to award marks on a scale of 1 to 30. This is actually the grading scale employed in Italian Universities. I think it can give out more finely graded marks than the usual 1 to 10, without having to worry to much over single percentile points like the 1 to 100 one.



1. John - 3 May 2006


2. BalladMusician - 21 June 2007

I hope some of the music you review are ballads.

3. Basilios - 21 June 2007

Well, many of the albums I have reviewed and many I’m going to review contain ballads, yes. Among those already here, the albums I reviewed from Love, McDonald and Giles, and ELP contain quite a few noteworthy ballads.

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