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Music Reviews are back 1 May 2007

Posted by Basilios in Music Reviews.

I had to take a long break in my music reviews. It’s been more than one year, and I was ambushed by real life! It happens sometimes, and this time it happened to me.

I actually spent much of this time thinking of the next album to review. I was not keen on doing only progressive rock, and certainly not on concentrating on the bands and artists I prefer. i was looking for something that I liked enough to want to review it, but not enough to make it look like I was focusing on my personal favourites. In the end I could not really decide – so much to choose from – and I just picked a CD at random from my shelf. It happened to be the debut album of Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and you can read its review here. Comments are welcome as usual.



1. johncolquhoun - 2 May 2007

Great to see the return of the music reviews. Any chance of reviewing some Creedence at some point in the future?

Don’t even think of reviewing anything by a certain Welsh female artist though please 🙂 🙂 🙂

2. BalladMusician - 21 June 2007

For me you are a genius, CONGRATULATIONS welcome back to a new musicians. It is really interesting to many youth about what you are going to review mos specially in rock band. I like rock also. That’s life all we need to do is go forward and enjoy everything. But I hope you will add about ballad musicians, that is my favorite one.

3. Basilios - 21 June 2007

There are many, many, many review sites on the Internet. I’m not the first and I certainly won’t be the last!

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