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Larks’ Tongues in Aspic (King Crimson, 1973) 6 September 2008

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After releasing the previously reviewed In The Wake Of Poseidon, King Crimson lost those members with the greatest songwriting talent. The group found itself directionless from a creative point of view, and did what directionless groups do: drift. After a couple of not really good albums (Lizard and Islands, which I have but am not interested in reviewing at the moment, to be honest), the group finally collapsed.

Thus ended King Crimson, Phase 1; but that was not going to stop group leader Robert Fripp for very long. After a couple of years he assembled another group to raise the King Crimson standard, and set forth to create more innovative music; Phase 2 had begun. Once again, he picked very good musicians: bassist John Wetton (later of Asia), violinist David Cross, drummer Bill Bruford (earlier of Yes), and genial percussionist Jamie Muir.



In The Wake Of Poseidon (King Crimson, 1970) 31 May 2007

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King Crimson‘s second album was released in 1970 and, as I mentioned in my review of In The Court Of The Crimson King, at that time the group was a shambles. Because of heavy touring and personal contrasts, the lineup that created the first album collapsed; McDonald and Giles had wandered off to create their uncelebrated minor masterpiece, and Greg Lake was busy starting his new group, Emerson Lake and Palmer. (more…)

In The Court Of The Crimson King (King Crimson, 1969) 3 May 2006

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King Crimson! One of the most important groups in progressive rock, and one of the most long-lived ones in the music industry, through a long list of dissolutions and resurrections, but always characterized by guitarist Robert Fripp. He maintains that he is not the band leader, but I feel his presence is definitely fundamental for the group’s identity. (more…)