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Da Capo (Love, 1967) 1 July 2007

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Da Capo was the second album released by American band Love. Like virtually all other Love albums, this was another flop; but unlike them, one of the songs here, Seven And Seven Is, became a minor hit, peaking at the 33th position. This success, albeit limited, gave the group enough oxygen to continue its career, which would reach its qualitative peak with Forever Changes, the successor to this album, and one that, despite having no hit singles and no relevant sales to speak of, is more critically appreciated today. (more…)


Forever Changes (Love, 1967) 18 May 2007

Posted by Basilios in Love.
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Now this is a hidden gem of an album. I never heard of this group at all, before seeing it mentioned on a few websites dedicated to music reviews. Many of them were enthusiastic, and even those that didn’t call this particular record a masterpiece agreed that it was a worthwhile listen, so I decided to give it a spin.

And it was a worthwhile listen indeed, very enjoyable, and, within its style limitations, quite varied. (more…)