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Reggatta De Blanc (The Police, 1979) 16 August 2007

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Reggatta De Blanc was the second album The Police released. In a way, it’s quite similar to the previous one (reviewed here), sticking as it does to the same formula: a collection of well played pop songs, some of them with slight infusions of reggae elements. But this is not just Outlandos D’Amour vol 2: the band has really gelled together, playing much more tightly, and there are fewer reggae influences, fewer love songs, and more pop. In fact, Sting here takes his first step towards the poppy, smooth and occasionally boring style he’d adopt in his solo career. (more…)


Outlandos D’Amour (The Police, 1978) 13 May 2007

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As soon as I mention Police everyone nods and says “Ah, the white guys playing reggae“. Everyone that still recognizes them, of course. Or rather, everyone that recognizes them and only knows a handful of songs – more knowledgeable people will talk about their infusion of reggae themes into straight rock and mention The Clash as a comparison. Hardcore fans will rave on and on and on about how they were God’s gift to humankind, but I tend not to listen to hardcore fans very much, sorry! (more…)