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Green River (CCR, 1969) 8 October 2007

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Green River

Green River was third album for CCR here, and the second the band released in 1969, after Bayou Country and before Willy And The Poor Boys. 1969 was the annus mirabilis for Creedence, or rather, for John Fogerty, whose songwriting skills grew, developed and matured. This second album is an important milestone, and even if it’s not the best CCR released, it shows the group’s promise, and it’s certainly enjoyable on its own right.



Bayou Country (CCR, 1969) 26 September 2007

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Time to introduce a new group! And I picked Creedence Clearwater Revival, to the delight of a mate of mine; as famous and renowned as they are, in my opinion they don’t get the fame and credit they deserve, thus matching my criterion for reviews. The album I will review this time is their second, Bayou Country. Right from the start, even from the album title, they establish their fictional image of a bunch of poor artists from the Deep South of the USA. Well, they’re not. They’re from California, but the Deep South is the inspiration of much of their musical choices, that can’t be denied. And nobody like CCR was going to be able to take the best of the American South and distill it in poppy, friendly albums. (more…)