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My Worst Presents – The Cheap Football Shirt 21 July 2008

Posted by Basilios in Fun.
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A family friend once gave me a present. It was a football shirt. A cheap football shirt. It was made out of a plastic shopping bag with the bottom cut open, so you’d wear the handles over your shoulders, like a sleeveless shirt. It was coloured with the colours of a football team. It was not my favourite team.

Since I was a good boy, raised to appreciate everything I was given, I said Thank you, and wore it. I even played football for a bit in it in my courtyard. By myself. After a few minutes the plastic on my skin was making me so itchy, sweaty and uncomfortable that I took it off, and by that time the lady who gave it to me was gone, so I just threw it away. I never was asked any questions about it.

What strikes me is that it was bought. It was not a self-made gift, it was printed. It even had a little logo saying Your Favourite Team right over the heart. And the lady who bought it is a very nice woman with whom I am still in touch and visit every time I pass by my town. So it was bought by a person that actually liked me, and yet it was so bad! The poor woman must have been swindled.